Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I have an iPod Touch. Strike that. I used to have an iPod Touch.

I was having coffee with one my volunteer leaders at Starbucks the other day and my iPod was stolen out of my purse. Neither of us noticed the thief taking it, but take it he did. I have figured out who it was and when it happened, but that doesn't make me feel better. Now I just miss my iPod - the music, the apps, the wireless ability...

As I have been living an iPod-less life for more than a week now, I have been reflecting on how attached to the technology we have all become. When my iPod got stolen, it caused me to see how addicted to it I truly was. I listened to it A LOT, and I used the apps quite frequently as well. The thought of not having an iPod is strange and slightly debilitating. Do I just run out and get a new one? Should I wait until I get an iPhone (most likely in March - though there is hope on the horizon that I could I get it in January!)? If I am getting an iPhone, does it make sense to have an iPod at all?

Ten years ago there was no such thing as an iPod and we were all fine. Even cell phones were still rising in popularity as opposed to being assumed, as they are now. Again, we were fine. I remember driving to school every day my senior year of college and not once making a call or shuffling through over 1000 songs to find the perfect one and it did not faze me.

Are we really that dependent on technology now that going a few weeks without is so strange? Apparently yes. I could spend time waxing poetic about how we need to become less addicted and take time to go without our many devices... but that would just be a lie. Instead, I think I will surf on over to the Apple site and drool over all the iPod possibilities...

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Esme said...

This post makes me laugh now!