Sunday, December 12, 2010

Great TV Shows

The other day a few of my kids were at my apartment and they mentioned that I must really love Friends. They noticed I had the DVDs of all ten seasons. I also own the entire series of Sex and the City, Felicity, and Ally McBeal. What I love about having a whole series is how I can pop that DVD in and be guaranteed either 30 minutes or an hour of great TV.

Today's shows are good, but I am not sure there are any that I feel that strongly about. A different student recently said that How I Met Your Mother is his generation's Friends, only better. Now I enjoy HIMYM, but it does not make me laugh as much as Friends does. Not only that, Friends was clever and the writing was great. While I think that is sort of true about HIMYM, often I think they just go for cheap and easy laughs by being dirty.

The best show on television right now, in my opinion, is Friday Night Lights. Its in its final season, but since I don't have DirecTV, I won't see it until this spring. What about you? What are your favorite TV shows?

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SJ said...

HIMYM is definitely not as good as Friends! I only watch it occasionally and even then I sometimes don't see a full episode whereas I will watch a Friends rerun that I've seen at least twice all the way through.

I'm a Grey's Anatomy girl and I'm a sucker for teen drama so I love Gossip Girl too! I figure I'm allowed to have certain guilty pleasures and that is definitely one of them :)