Monday, March 08, 2010


Have you ever watched a movie that maybe like, 20 minutes into it, you already know that you love it? I am only half way through it right now, and I already want everyone I know to see (500) Days of Summer. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a delight! He was a child actor, and so often they struggle to become great adult actors, but I already know that I will want to see most of the movies he makes.

Here is the thing, I downloaded this movie on February 12, (incidentally, that was also that last time I blogged, hmm...) and it has sat on my TiVo "now playing" list for just about a month and I have not wanted to watch it. I have heard only good things about this movie, but still... I just never really had the urge to select it for viewing. I only turned it on tonight because it was going to expire on Friday, so it was basically watch it or lose it. Now, I spent money on it, so I thought, why not? I will just watch it.

It is quirky, funny, charming, painful at times, and just... well, it makes you want to be in love, that's for sure, even while it is brutally honest about how hard relationships can be. I mean you root for Tom, the main character, even while you are laughing at his pain. Then you are suddenly aching right along with him, because rejection sucks.

I have finished the movie now, and it was just a treat. Just go get it, right now, and watch it! I promise you will love it.

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sammalamma said...

I loved this one too! My sister recommended it and I was fully smitten by the surprising dance number to Hall & Oates. Loved it for its quirkiness.

Incidentally I'm about 2/3 through "Breaking Dawn" and I can barely put it down. I was up until 12 last night plowing through and I could barely force myself to stop. Today I'm paying for that choice but I don't even feel bad about it haha.